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hey, im dave. i use he/him. im a man, but you can treat me like an object, or
some sort of animal. i dont mind.

i make comics, artwork, websites/coding, and do media analysis as my main creative interests, but,
i also enjoy making physical arts and crafts, and music.

recovering things around the internet, finding old or potentially almost lost media for
me or my friends is one of my favorite things.

i love comics. ctrl+alt+del, ensurntrays, whistles/the starlight calliope,
Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, jerkcity, ect. i also have my own (stupid) comic, My Comix.

games i love are Fa├žade, OFF, LISA:THE PAINFUL/JOYFUL, The Binding of Isaac, jazzpunk,
skyrim, yume nikki... and roblox.

various film/series/toons i like: madness combat, tankmen, arfenhouse, treatsforbeasts,
homestar runner, cyriak shorts, unicorn wars, bevis and butthead, aqua team hunger force,
moral orel, and smiling friends.

cant remember much music besides Dr. Steel..
there is a lot more im forgetting.

this page will be updated occassionally.

dislikes: bullies